Over half way into the 100day project I hit a few bumps, a busy week in the day job, with a few evening events meant I missed a few days in the project.

These tips are for staying motivated to continue and also importantly offer some ideas of how to get back on track if like me you’ve missed a few days.

1. Mix it up  – Trying new ways to approach your project – experiment with different techniques or mediums if its an art based project. I added in different materials to stitch on,  included leaves. Testing different ideas which might spark further art projects or develop into other skills.

Leaf Doodle Stitch

2. Pick it up and carry on. If you miss a day or even a few – keep going. Even if it takes you longer to get there than originally planned. The sense of achievement to getting to the end and seeing it through will still make it worth it. Don’t get disheartened by those that finish early, this is one of those projects where you run your own race. I’m now hoping to finish by July 31st.


3. Don’t wait for perfect to post. Showing the unsuccessful attempts was a bit scary at first, yet as I look back I can now see the improvement as the project progressed. Sometimes the ones I liked the least are the ones others loved, so that was interesting!

4. If you really don’t like your topic – change it! Its your project so develop and adapt it as you wish. Maybe you hit an exciting new direction when experimenting and want to do more on that or broaden the original idea. Roll with it and incorporate it in, this will help avoid getting stuck in a project.


5. Support others in the 100day project community.  Check #the100dayproject and then offer support to inspire others to keep going. This is something that next time I will do more of to encourage and participate in the community.

Have fun!


5 tops tips to staying motivated

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