The100day project is a FREE global art project that anyone can participate in.  This project started on April 4th and is running through to July 12th. You can pick it up anytime along the way and make it your own – drawing, words or actions everything counts.
All the advice says keep it simple and choose something you can do in 10mins a day. So each day a small stitched doodle is posted on Instagram, created and tagged as part of #the100dayproject.
I’m using it as kick start to get back into stitching! To experiment with free machine embroidery and have some fun. My sewing machine isn’t built to do this so that adds an extra challenge!
  Stitched Photo
So far I’ve made it over halfway. As it’s your project you can develop it or change it in anyway you choose. The next 30 days I’m thinking of mixing up the photos with pen drawings or testing out fabrics.
Follow the hashtag #100daysofdoodlestitching to never miss a pic!
The 100 day project

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