This post was inspired by a mail shot from The Great Discontent. About starting 2017 not by making resolutions that will fall by the wayside but to start the year remembering Why.

Why you do what you LOVE to do.

I create by drawing, stitching, making surface pattern prints or textile collages. Enjoying those moments when you are so absorbed, thinking of nothing other than the marks on the page or the stitches from the machine. Happily chasing that feeling, that the next picture will be just a little bit better than the last. I create because life feels a bit out of whack if I don’t.

The challenge is in finding new inventive ways to tell a story or to send a message. A way to visually make sense of life that can be at times difficult, inspiring or empowering. Sometimes a piece is made just to raise a smile, sometimes it is to say much more. Sharing on this blog to show the projects started and track their bumpy slow road to completion. Hopefully inspiring a few others along the way..

Remember your Why

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